xxx ❤ kissing ❤ xxx

You should be kissed and often 
And by someone who knows how 
Rhett Butler, Gone With the Wind 

Kissing is like drinking salted water 
You drink, and your thirst increases 
Chinese Proverb 
 A kiss is a lovely trick 
Designed by nature to stop speech 
When words become superfluous 
Ingrid Bergman 

"i'd rather be with you" if you know will realize first of all how much i love my gabriel....and second of much i love music! i obsess over lyrics, get irritated when other's don't appreciate amazing music, spend hours making playlists...well you get the picture. some of my favorite artists are the following:  joshua radin (favoritest!!), the weepies, greg laswell, dave matthews, alexi murdoch, coldplay, ben harper, the cure (ya i know....right), damien rice, and dashboard confessional, iron and wine, u2, and maroon 5...oh and i could go on forever...i finally got the new itunes update and with the help of the new program "genius" discovered the joshua radin cd! (this story with all it's digressions has a point) one of the songs is perfect for gabriel and i...( i mean they are ALL good so get the cd...but esp this one!) 

so why this song?? because of the line..."i need to be be bold...jump in the cold water" to those of you who don't know...when gabe and i first started dating, my family didn't even know who i was around him...because i was sooo giddy and spontaneous.  i am not a "play-it-by-ear" girl...nor am i one to do be all goofy or unpredictable....buuuttt...enter gabriel day after a long tennis match (one of our favorite pastimes) we drove up to the house...and as we were walking up the driveway....i grabbed gabe's hand... and said.... "wanna jump in the lake??" he was like... "with all our clothes on??" i said "SURE! yes go!" running as he chased me into the water...where we kissed and family told me that is how they knew gabriel was the one... because of who i am when i am with him.... 

here are the lyrics....xo han

"I'd Rather Be With You"
~Joshua Radin~
Sitting here, on this lonely dock 
Watch the rain play on the ocean top 
All the things I feel I need to say 
I can't explain in any other way 

I need to be bold 
Need to jump in the cold water 
Need to grow older with a girl like you 
Finally see you are naturally 
The one to make it so easy 
When you show me the truth 
Yeah, I'd rather be with you 
Say you want the same thing too 

Now here's the sun, come to dry the rain 
Warm my shoulders and relieve my pain 
You're the one thing that I'm missing here 
With you beside me I no longer fear 

just another day...lovin' life

the last few weeks have been HECTIC! very busy and very productive. in the midst of it all... my favorite times are tuesday and wednesday nights with gabriel. we go to dinner...hang out for an hour or so before he has to do that awful drive back to oakland township.  gabriel is so good to me!  he takes care of me and spoils me to pieces.  here a few pics of him spraying my ugg boots that he got me for my birthday... isn't he the cutest...well... i think so =)

holding hands

cliche' as it may of the things that makes me smiles when i think about secure and happy when i'm doing it...and absolutely miserable when i can't do holding hands with gabriel bails! it's true... i love holding hands that much!! in fact (and gabe can attest to this) sometimes i get a lil overcome with how much i love holding hands and i will squeeeeeeze his hand sooo hard i think i almost hurt him! imagine that huh? thought i was crazy before and now i just solidified it? gabe and i do the classic 3 squeezes meaning "i love you" but we have special codes for what 4 squeezes ect...

isn't there is something so endearing and precious when you see couples holding hands? especially when you see the weathered hands of the elderly as they grip the hand of the one they have walked through life with.  so much strength, comfort, love, friendship, and passion is translated through the holding of don't disregard this socially acceptable way of "publically displaying affection" as common place..for it is one of my favoritest things....think about that next time you grab for the hand of the one you love...