sigh...studying for finals...

right now... i wish i were home with my mommi, sisters, and fiancee...almost done! i know i need to have a perk in my attitude...but i missed the cookie exchange this year and that really bummed me out! one more day!! sigh.... my home life is truly a placed to be missed.... never do i have so much fun... or feel so much love.... i'm a pretty lucky girl... merry christmas!

lil video

a winter wonderland

last saturday night we had such a great time hanging out with jesse and amber, michael and bethany, and russell and amanda!! dinner at steve's backroom....iceskating downtown detroit (no one even seemed to notice the 1 hr wait)....lounging at jesse and amber's place with hot coco and a fun game: apples to apples!  these guys are some of my bestest and most cherished friends... not only do i have an amazing finacee'....but i have family....that i can call friends.... what more can a girl ask for.... hmmm a david yurman 5 mm black onyx braclet.... oh sorry who was asking ;) hehe (as you can see after "black friday" my christmas list has grown) hehe