boxes and boxes of goodies

gabriel and i have loved unpacking our gifts! it is like having our shower all over again! i've loved filling my cabinets with all the beautiful dishes and fun colorful kitchen toys! i am so blessed to have gabriel here helping me and working by my side! from the awesome kitchen shears to the garlic press... we are definitely spoiled over here in ann arbor! xo

moving day!!!

here's my handsome happy man on our moving day! whatta day... wow seriously... even with movers... this is some tough work.... and lotsa driving... but being with my perfect team player helped... gabe was so in sync with how i opperate and like to pack and unpack... he is AMAZING... if you need confirmation on who you are going to spend forever with.. just plan on packing and moving over 100 boxes and bags for 13 hours and then going to shop for furniture... and yeah then unload a good 25 of them!!! i couldn't have done this with ANYONE ELSE! i love you gabriel!!!! sooo much! and i appreciate your hard work... all with a huge smile on your face... he wouldn't let me get grumpy one time... and he even bought me a frozen yogurt to end the long day of work....

ann arbor~ art fair

gabriel and i still are making time to enjoy our summer... this year we went to the ann arbor art fair with our newly engaged friends sarah and drew... we had to get palm palace beforehand (of course!) it is always great to take time to have a night of not planning or packing! i love just BEING with gabe... i can't wait to spend all our nights together!!! it's getting close!!