venturing out...

tonight gabriel and i tried a new restaurant "the quarter."  it was pretty good... creole style spicy food...but i have to tell you nothing beats our favorites!  

1. miki's sushi esp the spicy tuna
2. charlie's mediterranean grill our fav....fluffy bread and hummus!
3. potbelly...we'll take the 'skinny' subs
5. prickly pear when we are feelin' mexican
6. paleo's for italian
annnnd yeah that is pretty much our selection.  we really just stick to the top 2 and rotate.  i'm glad we tried something new purely for the 'sake of trying something new'...but it is true... we are creatures of habit =)

pumpkin bumpkin

highlights from tuesday night:

~working late at school doing complete denture wax-ups ~ 6:45 p.m
~la shish for fattosh, hummus, chicken wraps~yummy (one of our tuesday night specials!) ~7:30 p.m
~home for pumpkin carving...bed by 10:15 (my lastest and greatest bedtime!)

so the best part of my day is knowing that gabriel is picking me up! he spoils me so in so many ways...but one of them is the fact that he drives over an hour to see me a few times a week... and then back home that same night! he never complains... he is so much my life right now... and i have no idea where i would be without his constant support and friendship. friendship between lovers is so important... and i have that in gabriel! he is my sounding board for ideas, dreams, frustrations, and excitement... i'm such a lucky (blessed) girl....

here are some pics... we carved a weirdo face... and baked the seeds w/salt... yummy yummy


"There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on 
the feelings, as now in October." 
-  Nathaniel Hawthorne

chicago memories

chicago held so many wonderful memories...first and foremost was finishing the chicago marathon! the bonding that all the runners did with each other and our family and friends was amazing... and i can't begin to tell you the feeling you get when you cross the finish line! it is the end of a long training program... and quite the rush! i'm so glad that i share this passion for running with gabriel... i know that running together and sharing this has strengthen our relationship in so many ways! can't wait for the next race! 

chicago marathon

this weekend is the chicago marathon!!!!!!!!!  i have many many mixed emotions of which include: fear, excitement, and pride... this training period has been so much fun so challenging and amazing for me in so many ways!  it has shown me quite a bit about myself and my ability to really stick to something that i am working towards no matter what circumstances will try to derail me.... i'm going to write about the entire experience next week... but pray for me, shalene, gabriel, jesse, bethany, christa, and michael as we run our long awaited 26.2~ yippe!! it is finally finally here!!!