sweet love

weekend celebrations

this was another weekend of parties!  today we celebrated matt and lisa's wedding shower and bill's graduation for his doctorate!  we are so happy for my cousin and his bride to be!  they make each other so very happy!  bill and chris had a wonderful celebration with a few close family and friends at their home...i'm glad i was able to caught the tail-end of the party after matt and lisa's shower....gabe and i went our separate ways as he went off to celebrate his friend matt's birthday...and i meet my parents and sisters for dinner at lebanese grill.   
we are so blessed to have so much to celebrate!  what a great weekend...

let the planning begin!

well saturday was quite the busy day....lil did i know what i had in store as we started to look for places for our reception.  mom was absolutely amazing and knew all the right questions to ask and the places to go. it was a pretty tiring day....but we covered a lot of ground. we ended up making one of the longer trips with dad too... there are so many amazing places in the metro-detroit area to celebrate a wedding....now we have all the info....we just need to pick the perfect spot for us!  

in sickness...and in health...

last night i came down with the stomach flu....it was miserable to say the least...but after spending all night and day in bed...gabriel cancelled his meeting to come over to take care of me.  he is a great lil doctor....some gaterade to replenish my electrolytes and a movie...

"Just a lil dreaming and planning"

Tonight, we started off the night with pita wraps from Charlie's Mediterranean Grill... then off to Bed Bath & Beyond to get some ideas for our future registry.  It was funny to see some of the crazy kitchen items that we both considered "essentials," but it was exciting to start planning our life together!  Gabriel cracked me up when I caught him staring in awe at an informational video on the new vacuum!  Before we left, we both sat in the massage chairs to relaz after a "not so stressful" planning session...  perfect night, perfect guy...  "It's good to be in love!"

Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon!

"I'll be fine hunny... just worry about yourself making it through this race."

Gabe Bails Bahlhorn

"Couples that run together... stay together."
Hannah Noelle Budzinski

Today Gabriel and I ran 13.1 miles through the lovely streets of Dexter-Ann Arbor.  It was hilly... challenging and beautiful...  ahhh but... fun!!!
It was so cool that Jesse, Amber, Michael, Bethany, Shalene, Gabe and I could do this together.  We "carbed up" with quite the dinner at Paleo's downtown Ann Arbor the night before... pizza and lasagna!  Yummy...  It was funny because we both felt so funny saying "hold the salad... bring on the bread!"  hehe  It was so unlike us... but hey... those sow-burning carbs paid off!  I love that I can share my passion for running with Gabriel!  
It really means so much to both of us to stay in shape and have fun doing it!!!

SURPRISE! We’re Engaged!!

As we approached our 2-year anniversary of dating, I didn't suspect that Gabriel Bails had marriage on his mind.  We are so excited to tell you all our story and keep you posted over the next couple of months as we plan our marriage and wedding details.

See "Our Story" for the lil details of May 20th!