missing gabriel

sigh... well gabriel is off to the dominican republic for missions work...and well... i already miss him terribly!  it is amazing to me how much one person can change your heart and life.  i never considered myself an extremely emotional person...but when he called for 2 minutes on the international call tonight i got all chocked up and when he hung up i cried!  it is so amazing to share love with someone...and i can't wait to share my everyday life with him.  i watched "p.s. i love you" yesterday night.  i didn't think i would even like it...but i loved the message that this movie portrays... don't spend your life wishing to "be somewhere or something" or waiting for "life to begin"... life is "right now" each moment makes up your todays...so cherish the time with the ones you love and who love you.... enjoy some of my favorite quotes from the movie...xo (p.s. the picture above is how every girl loves her face to be held before she's to be kissed)

"What do you want?  I know what I want, cause I'm holding it in my hands...You.  Every morning I still wake up and the first thing I want to do is to see your face." ~ Gerry 

"I don't want to make any mistakes."  ~Holly  "Then you're in the wrong species, love.  Be a duck."  ~Gerry


started the day off taking a few engagement pictures down town rochester.  my parents threw a "4th of july barbeque" and had family and friends over to watch the fireworks.  i think my favorite part of the day was flying my "dora the explorer kite" that uncle mike got me.  it has been forever since i flew a kite and it was so much fun!  

"hot on the grill"

"burnt finger!"

yesterday was christa's 20th birthday.  we ran in the morning, spent time downtown gross pointe, and then ended the night by barbecuing.  gabe manned the grill...he did a great job in finishing the work the girls (and brandon) had done in the kitchen!  i think it is so adorable that gabe loves to barbeque so often.  he is such a lil summer boy.  just another relaxin day....ended the night at the rochester fireworks.