be mine

my gabriel gave me the best valentines day ever! yes, he did all the "right" things... by any girls standards! jewelry, dinner, chocolates, 2 pairs of super cute shoes, clothes, and other such surprises...yes... you can shout spoiled!! ;) ookie ookie.... alright already....

sooo here i sit... reflecting...thinking.... geez what a lucky lil girl i am.... i consider the caliber of man my husband is... the character and the integrity by which his lives his daily life... this weekend we shared dreams and aspriations for our future....we laughed sooo hard at each other's jokes....each tickle and tease was a demonstration of just how crazy in love i am with this man... oh of course...we haven't been without our battles....but gabriel has been my best friend through thick and thin... my ups and my darkest about lucky...tears flood my eyes and i am blown away with the flood of emotions that overtake my heart....i mean it is unbelievable the depth of love that i feel for this man...some may find this a tad too personal.... but i've never shied away from public displays of affection...thank you very much... when you love someone... you just want to tell everyone about that person!! you want to share the emotions that are bursting at the seams.... gabriel has stolen my heart... he has captured my attentions and even when my lil heart strays or minute in his arms melts my fears and puts a smile on my face....i thank God for my valentine.... for giving me such a man to love....happy valentines day... (yes i celebrate all holidays ;) )


Nina Bunk February 15, 2010 at 2:10 AM  

i love you!!! you were the cutest saturday night!!!

Victoria February 16, 2010 at 9:51 AM  

aww thats adorable.i love reading your posts.that one however ( & the fact that my sis is getting married) makes me want to get married! I love how much you guys are in love its the cutest!