my lil sis christa

the last two weeks have afforded gabriel and i the pleasure of spending time with my beautiful fun-loving sis christa mista!!! she is seriously one of the most joyful smiley (is that a word) people i know! she is so positive and just so fun to be with! i love you christa marie budzinski!  xo

♥bridesmaid loves her groomsman♥

when gabriel calls... of the many things i love about my iphone are my personalized ringtones!  i love when i know it is gabriel calling me.  my ringtone for him is "chasing cars" by snow patrol.  this song reminds me of him in so many ways.
1. he "introduced" me to the band
2. the line "here in your perfect eyes"- well you just have to see my fiancée's eyes... yes they are...PERFECT!
3. my favorite line... "i need your remind me to find my own" 

Chasing Cars lyrics
If I lay here 
If I just lay here 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Let's waste time 
Chasing cars 
Around our heads 

I need your grace 
To remind me 
To find my own  

All that I am 
All that I ever was 
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see 

I don't know where 
Confused about how as well 
Just know that these things will never change for us at all 

If I lay here 
If I just lay here 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world

emails...the new "love-letter"

i love sending gabriel emails using the leopard features....they allow you to create the cutest lil messages! here's one i sent him ;) 

our latest riding

yes, helmets and all!!! about a month ago gabriel bought a bike, a new seat for the bike, a bike lock, new road tires, and a CO2 tire pump, a new helmet... well you get the picture. so, thus begins the pastime of biking. where??? EVERYWHERE! everytime we go out in ann arbor to dinner, frozen yogurt, kroger, or the movies... WE BIKE! it is actually really really fun to be getting in some extra cross-training as our marathon date (october 12th!!) approaches! keep a look out for a cute lil couple bikin' across town!

my gorgeous fiance

okay so i'm a little bit obsessed...well maybe alot...but the truth of the matter is that gabriel bails bahlhorn, my fiance, is gorgeous! we went to my cousin matthews wedding on August 8th and i just couldn't keep my eyes of him! i love him so much! we had so much fun dancing and being with family! it was a beautiful wedding~ congrats matt and lisa